October 10, 2012

Cudugnon Cave – Beach Holidays in El Nido

Cudugnon Cave is located in one of the island in El Nido and it is also included in island hopping package tours being offered in El Nido town. Our local guide said that ancient human bones were once found in this cave that might suggest a possibility of being once a burial cave in the [...]

Snake Island – Beach Holidays in El Nido

One of the most unusual and at the same time beautiful place to visit in El Nido is the Snake Island. It’s actually Vigan Island but due to the curving sandbar that extends off, it has been nicknamed by locals as Snake Island. You could only see this sandbar during low tide. It’s an awesome [...]

Pinagbuyutan Island – Beach Holidays in El Nido

Pinagbuyutan Island is another island usually included in the island hopping package tour being offered in El Nido Town. It has a quite a long stretch of white sand beach and crystal clear water ideal for swimming. There are no resorts in this island and the environment is still in it’s pristine condition. Here are [...]

Ipil Beach – Beach Holidays in El Nido

Ipil Beach is said to be a privately owned beach (not sure about this fact) located in El Nido. Even though it’s privately owned, tour boats often take tourists in this area to have a quick swim and snorkel. The beach is uninhabited and undeveloped which gives you a chance to experience being in a [...]

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