July 24, 2014


Cudugnon Cave – Beach Holidays in El Nido


Cudugnon Cave is located in one of the island in El Nido and it is also included in island hopping package tours being offered in El Nido town. Our local guide said that ancient human bones were once found in this cave that might suggest a possibility of being once a burial cave in the past.

To get inside the cave, you have to carefully squeeze your way in a tiny entrance and once inside you’ll be amazed with how mysterious looking the cave is. There’s also a slippery and steep rock formations that leads to an opening above the cave. Guides are quite hesitant in allowing tourists to climb this as previous accidents have happened in the past.

The beach outside is also a nice snorkelling area as there are lots of fishes to be seen.

Here are some pictures of Cudugnon Cave.

Cudugnon Cave, El Nido

Cudugnon Cave, El Nido

Cudugnon Cave, El Nido

Cudugnon Cave, El Nido

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