May 9, 2013

Daanbantayan – Beach Holidays in Cebu

Daanbantayan is known locally as the gateway to the world famous Malapascua Island and other small islands in the North of Cebu. Aside from that, Daanbantayan also has its own untouristed white sand beaches with friendly locals.

Here’s a brief history of Daanbantayan from Wikipedia:

“The name Daanbantayan was derived from two words: the word “Daan” (which means “old” in the Cebuano language, and the word “Bantayan” which refers to a place that served as a “look-out-station” for Moro raiders before the Spaniards obtained control of the Philippines. The original site of the town might have been located at an elevated vantage point near Punta which is situated in Tapilon. Some older maps and publications use both words independently from one another, as “Daan Bantayan”.

In 1942, the Japanese Imperial forces occupied in the town of Daanbantayan. Built of the Japanese military garrisons and concentration camps here in the town of Daanbantayan.

In 1942 to 1945, Cebuano guerrilla groups was fall of four year main conflicts and insurgencies in the town of Daanbantayan and attacking Japanese. After the conflicts, the Cebuano resistance groups goes to retreating by the Japanese and start the liberated and the Battle of Daanbantayan on 1945 by the local Filipino forces of the Philippine Commonwealth Army units and aiding the Cebuano guerrillas and defeats Japanese.

In 1945, the Philippine Commonwealth Army troops of the 3rd, 8th, 81st, 82nd, 83rd, 85th and 86th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army entered the town of Daanbantayan, supported by the Cebuano guerrillas, and were attacked by the Japanese forces in the Battle of Daanbantayan during World War II.”

Here are some pictures of Daanbantayan:






How to Get Here

If you’re coming from Cebu City, take a local bus (Ceres, Cebu Autobus, D’Rough Riders etc) to Daanbantayan. There are local inns and hostels in town. Once in Daanbantayan, you can rent a motorcycle or bikes to explore the town.

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