December 19, 2014


Discovering Asia: A Guide to the Best Travel Destinations


Asia is a fascinating continent which has recently become one of the world’s favorite holiday destinations – and not without good reason. The region is home to some of the most spectacular beaches, rich culture and moving history in the world. Whether you’re keen to experience the laid back beaches of Thailand, or the bustling city life of Singapore, you can be sure that Asia has something to offer you.



Thailand has become a prime destination for luxury holidays of late – promising five star treatment at affordable prices. There’s nothing not to love about Thailand. From the delicious, fresh local noodles to the smiling faces of the welcoming natives, this holiday hotspot delivers in every possible sense.

One of the country’s foremost destinations is Phuket, an area of extreme natural beauty where holidaymakers are invited to wash and ride the local elephants, or simply sit back and enjoy the welcoming climate.


Discovering Asia: A Guide to the Best Travel Destinations

Amazingly, tourism in Japan has been slow to take off, with few foreigners knowing the extent of its wonder and beauty. What truly fascinates visitors about Japan is the marriage of the modern city and the luscious, rural countryside. Whether you’re keen to fly into Tokyo, or can’t wait to get out to the mountains, be sure to make an effort to see both parts of the country while you are there.

For holiday makers seeking the luxury treatment, Japan is among the best in the world. Eastern massages and world-class spa resorts are in abundance and that’s before we’ve mentioned the spectacular cuisine, which can be taken advantage of on all-inclusive holidays with Club Med.


Great Wall

China’s booming economy has seen it all over the news over recent years, but what’s less often reported is its booming tourist industry. Whether you’re looking to backpack through its masses of rural space, or want to sample the delights of luxury in its huge cities, the recent focus on tourism will undoubtedly have made the region more appealing.

China is a huge country with a lot to offer. Visitors can tailor their trip to include snow, sun, beaches or cities – whatever suits them. Outside of the stunning and somewhat surreal cities of Shanghai and Beijing, the most popular resorts offer either skiing or breathtaking coastal scenery.


Merdeka Square

If you’re after the epitome of an exotic beach-centric holiday, look no further than Malaysia. Flying into its spectacular capital Kuala Lumpur you’ll get a taste for some of the luxury on offer in the region. Not until you get out to the coastal resorts, though, will your breath really be taken away, as you catch your first breath of sea air. Take the time, while you’re there, to meet some of the local wildlife, as there’s plenty to keep you amused.

Photo Credits (Flickr Creative Commons): Phuket by ruifernandes/ Cherry Blossoms by zaimoku_woodpile/Kl by FlipNomad/ Great Wall by FramelessWorld

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