August 30, 2014


Mui Ne – Sand Dunes and Gorgeous Beaches


Vietnam is not famous for its gorgeous beaches. Most travellers often go to Thailand or Indonesia if they want to go to the beach. But Vietnam aside from its historical sites also has a lot to offer when it comes to beaches and Mui Ne is one of them.

Mui Ne is a laid back beach famous for its sand dunes, nice sandy beach and its very relaxing vibe and atmosphere, Mui Ne means “sheltered peninsula” so the name says it all. Mui Ne is also a popular stop in Vietnam on the long road between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Getting there is easy. A train runs daily from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet, departing at 6:50AM and arrives at 10:50AM. The return trip leaves Phan Thiet around 1:30PM. By bus, most overseas visitors reach Mui Ne via “Open Tour” buses that run between Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang. Most depart from HCMC between 7:30 and 9:00AM (double check the schedule to be sure). Getting around there is not that difficult as well. You can ride a motorcycle taxi or rent your own motorbike or bicycle. You can’t get lost in Mui Ne, since the whole place consists of only one long strip along the main street.


There are varieties of activities that can be done in Mui Ne. You can have a go at kitesurfing which is one of the very popular activities there. You could also ride an All-terrain vehicle on the sand dunes. Sand boarding is popular among locals and foreign visitors alike.

If you’re not that much into water sports, you can visit some other attractions instead such as Po Sha Inu tower which is a remainder of the past Cham culture that was built in the 8th century. You could also go to Fish Sauce Factory where the famous nuoc mam (fish sauce) is produced. The famous Sand Dunes (Doi Cat) is on the main coastal road at the north end of Mui Ne bay (about 10 km from the main resort strip). Another popular among foreigners is the Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) which is a little river that winds its way through bamboo forests. Mui Ne market and fishing harbour (Lang chai Mui Ne) is also a nice destination to take a peek at the locals’ lifestyle.

When it comes to food as the resort area is surrounded by restaurants specializing in seafood. The food is fresh, well-prepared, and served in friendly and interesting surroundings. You can also sit at tables in the sand to enjoy the cozy and laid back atmosphere of Mui Ne while enjoying your seafood platter.

Have you been to Mui Ne? Feel free to share your tips and recommendations.

Photo credits (Flickr Creative Commons): Mui Ne by dancingqueen27

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