July 30, 2015

Otres Beach and Koh Ta Kiev


From Beijing to Bali to Vietnam, there are so many attractions in Asia that brings tourists and backpackers in each and every year. Everything about the continent is endearing to the potential visitor. Spiritual quests are common, while for adventure and nature there is plenty to enjoy. But, that’s not all because the architecture and history is so rich that you will love every minute. And then there are the beaches…

The Gulf of Thailand is where you have to go to find Serendipity beach in Cambodia. Sihanoukville is the province and it is the place to go for a lively party on the sand. Cheap and cheerful it is but the stunning beach and clear waters make a great backdrop for the $2 cocktails you’re sipping. Great for a full moon party, but it’s not for everyone and if you want some relaxation then Mushroom Point, a 25 minute tuk-tuk ride away, is well worth a look.

Otres Beach

Otres Beach

Rated higher than Serendipity on TripAdvisor, that’s all you need to know about Otres Beach, also known as mushroom point. Less crowded and relaxing certainly, it is wonderful for a de-stress or just a break from Serendipity. White sand and a fluttering of bars make this a five star location to some. It might be developed in the future but for now it is beautiful and a huge strip where you get time alone. Sounds like paradise, huh? Well, that’s best saved until…

Koh Ta Kiev

Found close to Sihanoukville, Koh Ta Kiev is just an hour from the mainland but tends not to be an overnight stay for visitors – even though it should. Picturesque beaches make this as close to paradise as you will find in Cambodia. From wildlife spotting through trekking to snorkeling in coral reefs, there are a number of activities to enjoy here.

The pinnacle of paradise is found in the Ten 103 Treehouse Bay where you can find seven secluded treehouse bungalows. Hidden in the jungle but with great ocean views, this is a stunning spot with a rustic vibe. Run by an American-Italian chef, it has no electricity or mobile coverage but boasts some culinary prowess. Spacious bedrooms with nature on the doorstep, you can’t ask for more on a lesser-known isle.

Saving for your beach trip

Before you jet off to Asia though, you need to be aware of what you need and you don’t need any money worries. With this in mind, you can save a little extra cash by using services like eBay and musicMagpie.com to get a little extra payment ahead of relaxing in a hammock with a cocktail in Cambodia.

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