December 19, 2014


What To Pack for Your Next Beach Holiday


Summer is the most awaited season almost everywhere as it signifies the best time to go to the beach. Almost everyone plans their holidays in this season. Some travels alone, with a partner, with their family and some travel with their friends. Traveling to the beach always brings everyone closer and it always leaves happy memories that we all cherish.

After booking your flights, hotel accommodations and tours, then you should carefully think of what to pack for your next beach holiday. Here are some things that we recommend you bring for that much awaited trip:

What To Pack for Your Next Beach Holiday Koh Phi Phi by Eulinky (Flickr CC)

1. Sunscreen Lotion – Avoid getting sun burnt by applying sunscreen lotion to your screen. The higher the SPF the better. The sun especially at midday is excruciatingly hot so make sure to stay under the shade and make sure to never leave your hotel without putting sunscreen lotion on your skin.

2. Sunglasses – Protect your eyes from too much glare from the sun by constantly wearing sunglasses especially around midday to early afternoon.

3. Bathing Suits – Never forget your board shorts (for men) and bathing suits for women. Most beach resorts have stores though in case you forget to bring yours but it maybe more expensive to buy there that in your home town.

4. Beach Bag – Bring a beach bag where you could put your book, water bottle, sunscreen lotion, basic toiletries, towel and other essentials. A lightweight nylon or cotton beach bag is highly recommended so it won’t eat up much space in your luggage.

5. Lip Balm – Just like sunscreen, make sure to bring a lip balm and apply it to your lips before leaving your hotel. This is to make sure that your lips won’t chapped and cracked and won’t dry too much.

6. Micro Fiber Beach Towel – Micro fiber towels dry quickly, lightweight and easily absorbs liquid. This is much better than regular beach towels.

7. Flip Flops – Wearing flip flops to the beach are more comfortable and more practical than bring sneakers. Rubber flip flops are also waterproof and will not be damaged easily with sand and water.

8. Cover-Ups (for women) – There are many stylish cover ups in the market that you can wear on top of your swimsuits.

9. Beach Blankets – Don’t lie on the sand without any beach blanket, this will protect your skin from possibly being bitten by small insects that are on the sand.

10. Waterproof Cases – This is to ensure that your wallet, money, phones, cameras won’t get wet. Electronics are very prone to damage by water and sand so make sure to bring a waterproof bag where you can store them while you’re at the beach.

How about you? What are the things that you make sure you don’t forget to bring when you’re packing for your beach holidays.


  1. Oops you forgot a good book! :) That is definitely in my list.

    This year my summer vacation will only last 4 days :( and I don’t have a beach near me. But there won’t be a power in this world that will be able to get me out of the pool.

  2. I love reading this sort of posts, I almos always find something that I want to add to my packing list. thanks for sharing.

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