July 23, 2014


What To Wear On Your Beach Holidays

Picking for clothes to wear on your most awaited beach holiday can be pretty tough. There are so many options to choose from. You want to look your best and comfortable but at the same time you don’t want to carry so much stuff. So here are our few tips on what to wear on […]

What To Pack for Your Next Beach Holiday

Summer is the most awaited season almost everywhere as it signifies the best time to go to the beach. Almost everyone plans their holidays in this season. Some travels alone, with a partner, with their family and some travel with their friends. Traveling to the beach always brings everyone closer and it always leaves happy […]

Top Casinos to Visit When Travelling in Asia

Many people prefer to select a travel destination that offers activities that they will enjoy. For instance, some people are fond of casino gambling and prefer to choose places to visit that offer top of the line gambling. Is this is what a traveller has in mind then they should consider visiting the Asian continent […]

Five Tips on Saving Money on Your Next Beach Holiday

Almost everyone I know loves the beach. Most vacation leaves of my friends and I were spent lounging in various beaches, reading a book, swimming in crystal clear waters, spending the afternoon strolling and walking barefooted on blindingly white sand and at the end of the night, having a nice dinner and having a drink […]

Discovering Asia: A Guide to the Best Travel Destinations

Asia is a fascinating continent which has recently become one of the world’s favorite holiday destinations – and not without good reason. The region is home to some of the most spectacular beaches, rich culture and moving history in the world. Whether you’re keen to experience the laid back beaches of Thailand, or the bustling city life […]

How to Find a Cheap Accommodation for your Beach Holidays

The summer season is now just a couple of months away and a lot of people both locally and abroad are gearing up for their much awaited summer holiday in the beaches of Southeast Asia. Usually prices tend to go up during this season but it shouldn’t deter you from visiting. Here are some tips […]

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