September 29, 2014


What To Wear On Your Beach Holidays


Picking for clothes to wear on your most awaited beach holiday can be pretty tough. There are so many options to choose from. You want to look your best and comfortable but at the same time you don’t want to carry so much stuff. So here are our few tips on what to wear on your beach holidays:

Beach Umbrella Beach Umbrella by ralph and jenny(Flickr CC)

For Men:

Board Shorts: Skimpy speedos are a thing of the past and board shorts are the most comfortable and functional beach wear for guys nowadays. With a board shorts, you can walk around town and then jump to the waters without even bothering to change anymore. Most board shorts are quick dry and some uses elastic or flexible fibers to maintain comfort.

Cotton Shirts (With Sleeves or Sleeveless): It can get really hot so make sure to pack cotton shirts. Cotton shirts are breathable and very soft to the skin.

Linen/Cotton/Natural Fiber Button-Up Shirt: Bring one or two button -up shirts for a formal dinner.

Linen/Cotton/Natural Fiber Pants: Bring one pair in case you go to a posh forma dinner with your love one.

For Women:

Bathing Suit: Bring a couple of pairs of one piece or two piece bathing suit. Make sure to fit it before you leave so you’ll know how it looks on you.

Cover-Up: Bring one or two cover-ups that match the bathing suits that you’ll be bringing.

Cotton/Natural Fiber Dresses: Bring one or two dresses that are comfortable yet elegant. This is in case you go to a posh restaurant for a few drinks or for dinner.

Shorts: For casual days walking around town or walking around the beach. Denim shorts look good with a bikini top.
Cotton/Natural Fiber Shirts: Bring a few so you’ll have something comfortable to wear when you walk around the town.

Scarf: Sometimes it can get quite cold on the beach especially at night or early in the morning. Bring one that matches the colors of all your outfits.

For Both:

Hats: Bring a hat to cover your head from being too exposed to the sun.

Sunglasses: Who goes to the beach without their sunglasses right. Bring a pair that will look good on your plan outfit.

Rubber Flip Flops: Rubber flip flops are the most comfortable footwear on the beach. Although you might also consider packing another pair of shoes that you could wear when you go on a night-out with your friends or if you’re into staying fit, you might as well bring a lightweight rubber shoes.

Beach Bag: Lightweight beach bag where you could put all your beach essentials.

Tip: It’ll be nice if all the clothes that you’ll bring can be mix-match so you can have a variety of outfits to wear.

How about you? What clothes do your bring for your beach holidays?


  1. I’m happy to hear that speedos are out of fashion, nothing worse than a large man wearing a tiny bathing suit haha

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